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25 October, 2017


Adult non-fiction author Heather Shumaker’s debut middle-grade novel GHOST IN THE GRIFFINAGE, about the mid-western Griffin siblings, Meg, Will & Ariel, and their trip to England to visit their Aunt Effie and Uncle Ben, a ginormous, lovable, and drooly Newfoundland dog.  Effie’s charming village has a bit of a ghost problem, which would be fine really (What little village doesn’t have a ghost problem? ) except that one of the ghosts has taken a liking to young Ariel. It takes a while for the siblings to realize that Ariel’s imaginary playmate isn’t so imaginary and that when this ghost says she wants to be friends, she means forever.  Grown-ups can’t see ghosts, so it’s up to Will and Meg to be clever and brave enough to work out the mystery of the ghost’s longings in time to save their sister.    (World/Simon & Schuster BFYR/Spring 2019).



18 June, 2015

THE PUREE WAY: A Sneaky Reboot to a Skinny Body, Missy Chase Lapine

From the bestselling author of THE SNEAKY CHEF, comes the next step beyond juicing: 12 fresh, nutritionally dense, modern purees form the basis of great healthy meals–or kick-start that diet or cleanse.  Plus another untitled nutrition/health/cookbook.  (World Rights/North Star Way, Simon & Schuster/September 2016)