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22 June, 2015

Report from the Field: THE GUARDIAN HERD, by Jennifer Alvarez

I received this wonderful, unsolicited report last week from a friend–and friend to the agency, one of our treasured “ambassadors”!  –Joelle Delbourgo

Went to the diner tonight – across the room was a family with a young girl about 10 -12. In a diner of texter’s – young and old – she was actually reading a book! She read off and on through diStarfire51uWqLDvLULnner totally engrossed and I also noticed her parents having an extended (gasp!) conversation – no phones! Knowing me, you won’t be surprised that I stopped by on the way out to compliment her parents on raising a reader. I asked her what she was reading and she held it up: “The Guardian Herd”! They declined to have a picture taken, but she did give me this succinct review when I asked her ‘Did she like it’? Big smile: “It’s the best!’