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4 November, 2015


After graduating from St. Olaf College, Kerstin March built a career around writing. During her start as a small town newspaper reporter, and as a public relations professional later on, she always enjoyed bringing out the personal side of news stories.

When she sat down to write her first novel, Kerstin could picture the setting clearly. The story would take place in Bayfield, Wisconsin, on Lake Superior’s south shore – a place that felt like a second home to her after spending countless family gatherings there since early childhood. As Kerstin continued to write, the setting always remained the same – but the story unfolded in ways she hadn’t imagined on that first writing day.

Kerstin is the author of two contemporary novels, titled Family Trees and Branching Out (Kensington Publishing Corp.). Both novels have been translated into German under the titles, Die Zeit der Apfelblüten and Apfelblüten Sommer (Egmont LYX). She is currently working on her third novel, which is set in Minnesota’s Lake Country.

In addition to writing fiction, Kerstin is a freelance writer and serves as the public relations director for The Tall Poppy Writers, an author-driven marketing cooperative that elevates the work of female authors, connects directly with readers, and supports domestic and international nonprofit organizations that foster literacy. She is also a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

Kerstin lives in Minnesota with her husband and their three children. When her family isn’t scrambling with work, school, and errands, they can often be found up north, braving ice-cold swims, fish boils, and bear scares on Lake Superior’s shore.