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26 April, 2018

RIDERS OF THE REALM: Across the Dark Waters, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

A new and exciting fantasy novel—the first in a trilogy—from the imagination of Guardian Herd series author Jennifer Lynn Alvarez. Perfect for fans of Lisa McMann’s Going Wild, Brandon Mull’s Wild Born, or Erin Hunter’s Warriors series.

Riders of the Realm:  Across The Dark Waters (May 1, 2018, Simon & Schuster)

Deep in the jungles of the Realm, the Sandwen clan live am

ongst deadly spit dragons and hordes of warring giants. But with their winged battle horses, they manage to keep their people safe.

Twelve-year-old Rahkki is a stable groom for the Riders in the Sandwen army, taking care of his brother’s winged stallion. The Sandwens believe they have tamed all the wild pegasi in their land, and turned them into flying warhorses. But when a herd of wild steeds flies over their village, Rahkki and his clanmates are stunned.

Meanwhile, a small herd of pegasi have journeyed across a treacherous ocean to settle in a new, and free, land. Led by Echofrost and Hazelwind, the Storm Herd steeds are unaware of the Sandwens. But when the unthinkable happens, Echofrost and the rest of Storm Herd will have to come to trust the Sandwens, or both may not survive


22 June, 2015

Report from the Field: THE GUARDIAN HERD, by Jennifer Alvarez

I received this wonderful, unsolicited report last week from a friend–and friend to the agency, one of our treasured “ambassadors”!  –Joelle Delbourgo

Went to the diner tonight – across the room was a family with a young girl about 10 -12. In a diner of texter’s – young and old – she was actually reading a book! She read off and on through diStarfire51uWqLDvLULnner totally engrossed and I also noticed her parents having an extended (gasp!) conversation – no phones! Knowing me, you won’t be surprised that I stopped by on the way out to compliment her parents on raising a reader. I asked her what she was reading and she held it up: “The Guardian Herd”! They declined to have a picture taken, but she did give me this succinct review when I asked her ‘Did she like it’? Big smile: “It’s the best!’