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30 January, 2014



Susan Forward, PhD is the late author of the #1 New York Times best sellers Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them and  Toxic Parents as well as numerous other books including Obsessive LoveMoney DemonsEmotional Blackmail, When Your  Lover Is a Liar, Toxic In-Laws and Betrayal of Innocence. Mothers Who Can’t Love (HarperCollins, 10/2013) explores the sometimes life-long effects on daughters of having grown up with mothers who are unable or unwilling to nurture them.  After defining and describing the five most common types of abusive mothers (overly enmeshed; severely narcissistic; control freak; mothers who need mothering; and those who are physically and/or emotionally abusive) Forward gets to work showing adult daughters how to address the negative beliefs that grew from an unhealthy upbringing. With empathy, she assures those who suffer that the abuse is unequivocally not their fault and offers a series of exercises designed to reveal the truth of the situation, acknowledge the pain, learn to set boundaries, and break self-defeating patterns.  “Highly recommended.”–Starred review in Library Journal

MothersWhoCantLovebySusanForwardWithPeachBorderFor decades, Susan was one of the nation’s leading psychotherapists, a dynamic lecturer and highly sought after talk-show guest including having hosted her own ABC Talk Radio show for six years. In addition to her private practice, she served as a therapist, instructor and consultant for many Southern California psychiatric and medical facilities.  Through her books, therapy practice, lectures and media appearances, Susan’s groundbreaking work opened up exciting new worlds of confidence, inner strength and emotional independence for countless women and men.  Susan Forward passed away in February 2020.

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