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14 November, 2012


They’re in their prime–just in time for the sexual revolution.  And they’ll make you glad that virgins do grow up…

Ambitions unfurled and libidos flying, Peg and Con are taking Washington D.C. by storm, along with their new friend, Kitty Cohen, the capital’s canniest power hostess in this hilarious sequel to Caryl Rivers’ VIRGINS.  Politics is the name of the game, and these women are out to make their own rules–until Peg’s old heartthrob, Father Sean McCaffrey appears. When teenage lust turns into grown-up desire, Washington hasn’t got a prayer!

“What a pleasure…” raved The New York Times.  “Brassy, wise-cracking, sentimental popular fiction…politics, sex, Vietnam, feminism, the Church, the working press…authentic and well observed.” (Kirkus Reviews)

20 July, 2012

Virgins, Caryl Rivers

The hilarious international bestseller, back in digital form.

To read VIRGINS is to remember the days when a kiss was two tightly closed mouths colliding and there were definite rules as to where a roving hand could rove… and no, if you are too young to remember those days, Caryl Rivers is not making it all up. Rivers has written a very funny book.
—The Washington PostMiss Rivers demonstrates her sharp comic form right from the start.
—The New York Times Book ReviewRivers doesn’t give one time to pause for breath between the bawdy laugh-out-loud and wrenchingly moving moments in her new book. … This glimpse of the chasm separating youthful hopes and realities will affect readers strongly.
—Publishers’ WeeklyRivers is in her element. Her descriptions, from the blue serge uniforms and scuffed oxfords to the continuing battle of wits with the nuns, are right on target. VIRGINS is quick and bright.
—The Los Angeles Times

For the seniors at Immaculate Heart High, hormones triumphed over the State of Grace – and everyone’s vocation was to DO IT. The Map of Forbidden Sexual Delights extended its boundaries nightly in the back seats of tail-finned cars. And nothing – not even the Anti-Smut League – could keep the boys and the girls from a rowdy, raunchy romp through those heart-stopping, heart-wrenching days of growing up!