14 January, 2010

Chris Farrell’s THE NEW FRUGALITY (Bloomsbury USA) promises to change the conversation about personal finance by offering us a new model in which we spend less but live fuller, more satisfying lives. Farrell, host of public radio’s Marketplace Money is an engaging expert and writer.


You won’t find many financial calculations I these pages No Greek symbols. No complex equations. You also won’t find any action plan for getting rich fast. I don’t believe anyone who says he has a surefire quick moneymaking formula… Paying attention to the siren song of wealth with no money down is a certain path toward wasted time and lost money.
What I want is to offer up a coherent point of view for dealing with the money side of everyday life I’ll emphasize risk, a margin of safety, simplicity, and sustainability. You probably won’t agree with all my points of emphasis or shades of argument during our conversation about New Frugality. That’s fine, especially if the disagreements help you figure out what will work better for you. After all, that’s what really matters.