THE WINGED HERDS OF ANOK, Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

Every hundred years the balance of power is threatened when a black foal, prophesied to either unite or conquer the five herds, is born. No pegasus—not even the foal—knows which he has come to accomplish.  Though this century’s black colt, Star, is born malformed and unable to fly, the over-stallions of the five herds plan to execute him on his first birthday. Because his over-sized wings drag on the ground, Star suffers a constant ache between his shoulder blades, and he must travel by hoof like a common horse. His greatest wish is to be a regular flying foal like his friends, but death and destruction seem to follow his every step.  With the future of the herds in the balance, and more importantly the lives of his best friends, the black foal rockets toward his inescapable destiny. (HarperCollins Childrens’, Fall 2014)