Therapy for the Sane: How Philosophy Can Change Your Life, Lou Marinoff

6 January, 2014

TherapyForTheSane-BlueMktgImageNow Available in Trade Paperback and E-Book, from the author of PLATO, NOT PROZAC!
Professor Lou Marinoff’s first book, the international bestseller Plato, Not Prozac!, drew on the wisdom of the great philosophers to solve everyday problems, launching a movement that made philosophy useful again. Now, in Therapy for the Sane, he takes the concept to the next level by applying philosophy and its literature to the central questions of modern existence.Dr. Marinoff is a professor and chair of philosophy at the City College of New York. He is the founding president of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association and the author of Plato, Not Prozac, The Middle Way and The Inner Philosopher. He lives in Monroe, New York.
“Lou Marinoff is a fellow pilgrim, always ready to tell the story that hasn’t been told, always ready to take the risks that haven’t been taken. “–Paulo Coelho, author of THE ALCHEMIST
Note:  This book was formerly published under the title:  THE BIG QUESTIONS