Joan Wester Anderson

A practicing Catholic, Anderson’s books about angels and miracles were inspired by a personal experience of angel intervention that 31XJYNpNedL._SY200_occurred in her own life. She has been a freelance writer and public speaker for more than thirty years.  Wester Anderson has been chronicling the phenomenon of angel intervention in our lives and is widely credited with helping to usher in the “angel craze” in the 1990s.

Joan Wester Anderson began writing in 1973, as a way to bring home a second income for her family of seven. “It was to be a temporary situation while I figured out what talents I had,” Joan says. However, she never got around to deciding; instead she slipped into magazine feature writing, and did an occasional book,too. “The books never sold very well–my mother sometimes bought a copy—but they gave the illusion that I was somewhat of a professional, which was important for my self-image.”

In 1992, Joan realized that her children had all finished college and moved away. Perhaps it was time for her to do the same. One of her sons had experienced an amazing miracle, so she decided to write one last book in thanksgiving to God, and then return to college to prepare for her next career. Instead, her “thanksgiving book” became a New York Times best-seller, Where Angels Walk.   First published by Ballantine Books in 1993, it was released in a 25th Anniversary Edition by Loyola Books in 2016).  Her many subsequent books include  In the Arms of Angels (Loyola Press, 2009), and even a book about how angels sometimes appear as our pets, chronicled in Angel Tails. She lives in Prospect Heights, Illinois.

In this interview of Beliefnet, Wester Anderson explains her view of angels and their unique role in our lives:

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