Where I Write: Joseph Kelly

15 April, 2014

Joseph KellyThe next post in our “Where I Write” series, in which JDA authors take you behind the scenes to their favorite writing spots, is from Joseph Kelly, author of America’s Longest Siege: Charleston, Slavery, and the Slow March Toward Civil War,  which Library Journal described as a, “vivid and engrossing study of slavery in and around one of its trading hubs, Charleston, SC, site of the first and longest Civil War siege and a hotbed of political, economic, religious, and moral debates about importing, owning, and trading slaves. Well written and finely detailed, Kelly’s debut historical work is an important contribution to Southern antebellum history…”

Describing his favorite writing spot, Kelly says, “It’s a moveable feast.  I start at the kitchen counter, with the house still asleep, the laptop elbow distance from the kettle on the boil for coffee.  When the teenagers get up, their bagels, Cheerios, and chatter push me and my second cup to the sectional and coffee table where my wife’s reading the paper.  On days I teach, it’s all over by 7:30.  On days I don’t teach, there’s another couple of hours after breakfast in a room full of sunny windows, where I’m supposed to write, where the desktop computer sits, patient as a piece of furniture.”