Where I Write: Lindsey Palmer

1 April, 2014

Lindsay PalmerOur next Where I Write post is from Lindsey Palmer, author Pretty in Ink just published from Kensington.
“My favorite place to write is the Park Slope coffee shop Kos Kaffe. Kos has good, strong coffee, plenty of sunshine, and just enough background chatter—often clearly from other writers and artists—to make me feel like I’m out in the world in a community of creative types without distracting me from my own work. It takes me about 10 minutes to walk to the cafe, which feels like just the right amount of time to separate myself from whatever else is going on with me, and to prepare myself for writing. I think it’s become a bit of a Pavlovian response at this point: As soon as I sit down to one of Kos’ small circular tables and breathe in the steam from my coffee, I know it’s time to focus and begin writing.” — Lindsey Palmer
Learn more about Lindsey on her website!