Where I Write: John Gaudet

13 May, 2014

John GaudetOur next Where I Write, in which our authors share their favorite writing spots,  is from John Gaudet. 

“Nothing takes the place of a bare, dank, fifth floor, cold water garret in Paris in December (as exemplified by James Joyce ‘s digs in 1902.  He said he ate from one pot, never cleaned it, just added bits of food, re-cooked it and ate!)  My preferred spot is Greenberry’s Coffee & Tea Co., a McLean coffee shop in the Giant’s shopping center, frequented by about a half dozen other writers, a theatrical director and several artists.  The picture shows me talking to my Ba, the essence of my soul.  He’s telling me all about how the ancient Egyptians used papyrus.  So when I say “A little bird told me…” you know I’m not just shooting the breeze.” — John Gaudet

John’s book PapyrusThe Plant that Changed the World: From Ancient Egypt to Today’s Water Wars  will be published in June from Pegasus Books. Check out John on Twitter, Facebook, and his website .