THE YEARBOOK by Carol Masciola

A young-adult debut novel about a troubled teenage girl who falls asleep in the school library and wakes up in the 1920’s. Just as she begins to shed her past and starts to believe she might have found a real home and true happiness (and love), she is snapped back to her hopeless present day where she’s on the run from police for truancy and theft. In short order, she’s locked away in a psychiatric hospital where the staff assumes she’s suffering from her mother’s illness and an ambitious, manipulative psychologist is eager to write a book about Lola’s “case”. Amid a snowy winter of imprisonment and medication, Lola is about to surrender to the belief that she really is insane when an unexpected encounter fills her with hope. Lola vows to use every juvenile-delinquent skill in her arsenal to escape from the hospital and cross back into the past by any means, at any cost.
The Yearbook will take readers on a fast-moving, suspenseful, coming-of-age journey to the Roaring Twenties that will keep them guessing — is it the boundaries of time Lola Lundy has crossed, or the boundaries of sanity? Sane or otherwise, Lola embodies questions about identity and belonging that pervade youth culture: Who do I really want to be? How do I go about finding the life, the love, the place, that’s meant for me?